At Örebro University, I teach ‘sustainability and business’  on the interdisciplinary course ‘Sustainable Development’  and ‘business in society’ and sustainability management accounting on the bachelor program.

On the master level at Örebro University, I teach within the new master profile in Sustainable Business. I am involved in the case-based ‘environmental management’ course where we this autumn collaborate with Spendrups.  I also teach sustainability control systems on the course ‘Sustainability reporting’.

At Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) I teach the case-based master course ‘Measuring sustainability in Accounting and Finance’ ENE432.

Each year we collaborate with an organisation that faces challenges in terms of how to measure sustainability and the students propose ways to handle the challenges. This autumn we collaborate with H&M on indicators for a circular business. In the past we have collaborated with Norsif & Cermaq (2017),  The church city mission Bergen, on the picture, (2016) and Statkraft (2015).

Would your organisation  be interested in collaborating with us? Please get in touch by writing to sabina.rietz@nhh.no or sabina.durietz@oru.se